Wilton Recycling Centre and Civic Amenity

Not only do we offer a waste collection service, we also accept waste into our Civic Amenity site. Our dedicated recycling centre is where waste is sorted after disposal, ready for recycling. It is separated into different types of materials and then taken for reprocessing.

We accept all sorts of waste at the public waste centre, including household waste, and also offer a scrap metal recycling service. We also accept green waste from local customers. This waste is then given a new life by being repurposed as something else, giving you peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment.

As we are all starting to become more aware of our environmental impact, it is becoming increasingly important for people to know where their waste is going. You can rely on Dolly Skip Hire to handle your waste responsibly, ensuring that as much of it is recycled as possible through our Civic Amenity site.

Wilton Scrap Metals Ltd T/A Dolly Skip Hire are a reputable waste management provider operating all over Ireland, including the Kildare areas of Naas and Newbridge. For more information about our recycling centre, or to enquire about our various services, contact us today.

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