Public Weighbridge

Here at Dolly Skip Hire, we offer a public weighbridge service to cater for any weighing requirements. Our weighbridge can be located at our dedicated premises and is available for use by trade and the public.

We are on the Kildare County Council’s list of approved weighbridges, as well as being certified by Repak.

A weighbridge is a large set of scales used to weigh large vehicles and their contents. This can help ensure that the specific weight is determined and that industrial vehicles are not overloaded. As well as facilitating the purchase of bulk products, companies may use the service to avoid incurring financial and/or legal penalties. Weighbridges are therefore a great solution for quickly and efficiently getting the numbers you need.

Dolly Skip Hire is a reputable waste management company based in Naas. If you would like to make use of our public weighbridge service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our services are available for customers across the country.

Call us today on 045 896 369